Monday, November 18, 2019

The Effects of Robotics in Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

The Effects of Robotics in Industry - Essay Example Industrial robotic use has had an effect on the level of production and has affected the moral components of workers within the firms. Robotics has influences firms policy on human elements. The division of labor has been based on safety, complexity and the risk factors. Firms have chosen to design models that effectively increase their production and at the same time ensure safety within the working environments. Safety is a major concern to many firms. Industries have been subject to court dispute over compensation and other damages inflicted to employees. Firms have spent huge amount of resources in compensating employees. The utilization of robotics in the production line has had a positive impact on the running of different firms. Firms have reduced the risk factors involved while manufacturing. The limited use of human labor in high-risk units along the production line has positively improved production and reduces the number of accidents. The firm has been able to perform high-risk functions and maintain quality (Mathia, 2010). The human element is an important factor in production hence their safety needs to guarantee. The combined use of robotics and humans in industries has enhanced production. Safety being a major concern, firms Firms have been able to design models that improve quality and comply with the safety. The employee welfare is a major issue and safety is an essential com ponent while addressing welfare issues. A safe working environment would mean that employees produce at full capacity. The output of a given firm would depend upon the internal environment. The environmental factors in this case implies reduced accidents In this case, the use of robotics in the production line could positively influence production and ensure steady flow of work (Nof, 1999). The manufacturing industry requires a system that ensures productivity and complies with the existing

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